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Install uShare in Debian from source for streaming to xbox 360.
By stabbyjones
Getting ushare to install on debian is a bit more annoying than on ubuntu and takes a little bit more effort on your part before you’re streaming away. I spent a good hour today playing around but all in all it’s a pretty simple process.

The biggest issues is the libdlna has never been able to install for me without changing the Makefile in the src folder.

libavcodec and libavformat – ffmpeg libraries
I’m not sure if the -dev packages are need but I threw them on as well (libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev)

  root@debian:~$ apt-get install libavcodec51 libavformat52Mercurial – Scalable distributed version control system
Mercurial is a fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects.

  root@debian:~$ apt-get install mercurial
Linux SDK for UPnP Devices (libupnp), 1.4.2 or later.

Download Source package and extract.
Open terminal in the source location:

  root@debian:~/src/libdlna-0.2.3$ ./configure
  root@debian:~/src/libdlna-0.2.3$ make
  root@debian:~/src/libdlna-0.2.3$ make install
GeeXboX libdlna – Reference DLNA open-source implementation for Linux

libdlna cause me great amounts of headache. The stable version just would not install for me at all so I had to install mercurial and get the latest version.

From the terminal change to your source directory and execute the following.
(A libdlna folder will be created in your terminal location.)

To get a local copy of the libdlna Mercurial repository :

  root@debian:~/src$ hg clone http://hg.geexbox.org/libdlnaTo update your local copy of the Mercurial, synchronizing with the server :

  root@debian:~/src/libdlna$ hg pull -uTo install:

  root@debian:~/src/ushare/svn/libdlna$ ./configure
  root@debian:~/src/ushare/svn/libdlna$ make
  root@debian:~/src/ushare/svn/libdlna$ make installI was getting an error with the command make if you get the same problems making the install edit Makefile in the src directory.

Error Message:

  xargs: etags: No such file or directory
  make[1]: *** [TAGS] Error 127
  make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/user/src/ushare/svn/libdlna/src'
  make: *** [lib] Error 2To fix this error run:

  root@debian:~/src/ushare/svn/libdlna$ gedit ./src/MakefileChange the following line:

all: depend $(BUILD_RULES) TAGS tagsTo:

all: depend $(BUILD_RULES)Comment the following lines like this:

#    @rm -f $@; \
#     ( find -name ‘*.[chS]‘ -print ) | xargs etags -a
#    @rm -f $@; \
#     ( find -name ‘*.[chS]‘ -print ) | xargs ctags -a;
-$(RM) -f *.o *.lo *.a *.so*
-$(RM) -f ixml/*.o ixml/*.lo
-$(RM) -f threadutil/*.o threadutil/*.lo
-$(RM) -f upnp/*.o upnp/*.lo
-$(RM) -f .depend
#    -$(RM) -f tags TAGS
By removing the references to tags I was able to bypass the errors I was getting and install libdlna using make and make install.

Install ushare

To get a local copy of the uShare’s Mercurial repository :

  root@debian:~/src$ hg clone http://hg.geexbox.org/ushareTo update your local copy of the Mercurial, synchronizing with our server :

  root@debian:~/src$ hg pull --updateUshare also installs successfully from 1.1a source available from the download page.

Install with the following:

  root@debian:~/src/ushare/svn/libdlna$ ./configure
  root@debian:~/src/ushare/svn/libdlna$ make
  root@debian:~/src/ushare/svn/libdlna$ make install
Configure ushare:
Edit ushare config file:

  root@debian:~$gedit /usr/local/etc/ushare.conf
Sample config file:
# /etc/ushare.conf
# Configuration file for uShare


Start ushare:
I just start ushare when I log on. From the panel go to:

System → Preferences → Sessions

From the Startup programs tab, click add.

Name: uShare
Command: /usr/local/bin/ushare
Comment: xBox 360 media server

Web interface location:
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